111th U.S. Women's Amateur Championship ® - Round 2 Full Leaderboard
Updated 1:39 p.m. EDT
* = Denotes 10th Tee Start
T1Korea -6F*-16670136
T1New Zealand -6F*-57066136
3Thailand -5F*-47067137
4Princeton, Ky. -4F-37068138
5College Station, Texas -3F-47267139
6Bradenton, Fla. -2F*E6971140
T7Scotland -1F+16972141
T7People's Republic of China -1F+26873141
T7Levittown, N.Y. -1F-17170141
T10Seneca, S.C. EF*E7171142
T10Thailand EF*+17072142
T10Montgomery, Texas EFE7171142
T10Boca Raton, Fla. EF*E7171142
T10Bradenton, Fla. EF-17270142
T10Rowland Heights, Calif. EF-27369142
T10Matthews, N.C. EF+17072142
T10South Salem, N.Y. EF-17270142
T18Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. +1F*-27469143
T18Philippines +1F*E7271143
T18Wayne, N.J. +1F+17172143
T18Philippines +1F+27073143
T18Spring Hill, Tenn. +1F*+27073143
T18Corona, Calif. +1F*-17370143
T18Rochester Hills, Mich. +1FE7271143
T18Pearl City, Hawaii +1F+46875143
T18Whittier, Calif. +1F+17172143
T27Canada +2F*+27173144
T27Torrance, Calif. +2F*+17272144
T27Westlake Village, Calif. +2F*+27173144
T27Oxbow, N.D. +2F*E7371144
T27Boise, Idaho +2F*+27173144
T27Chattanooga, Tenn. +2F*+27173144
T27Australia +2F-17470144
T27Honolulu, Hawaii +2F+27173144
T27Philippines +2F+37074144
T36Dallas, Texas +3F*E7471145
T36Argentina +3FE7471145
T36Osceola, Wis. +3F-17570145
T36Honolulu, Hawaii +3F*+27273145
T36Silverdale, Wash. +3F*+27273145
T36Canada +3F*-17570145
T36Buena Park, Calif. +3F*+27273145
T36Fort Lauderdale, Fla. +3F+27273145
T36Mesa, Ariz. +3F-17570145
T45Demarest, N.J. +4F*+27373146
T45Philippines +4F*+27373146
T45Canada +4F+17472146
T45Australia +4F+27373146
T45Canada +4F*+27373146
T45Port Washington, N.Y. +4F+37274146
T45Canada +4F+37274146
T45Fort Worth, Texas +4F+47175146
T45England +4F+37274146
T45Germany +4F+17472146
T55Scotland +5F+47275147
T55Nashville, Tenn. +5F+27473147
T55San Jose, Calif. +5F+47275147
T55Tempe, Ariz. +5F+57176147
T59Mexico +6F*+47375148
T59Kennesaw, Ga. +6F*+17672148
T59Chinese Taipei +6F*+27573148
T59Broken Arrow, Okla. +6F*+37474148
T59Gold River, Calif. +6F*+57276148
T64Crofton, Md. +7F+27673149
Failed to Qualify
T64Canada +7F*+67277149
T64Lake Oswego, Ore. +7F*+47475149
T64Colleyville, Texas +7F*+67277149
T64Greer, S.C. +7F+37574149
T69Tustin, Calif. +8F*+57476150
T69Philippines +8F*+37674150
T69Waynesburg, Pa. +8F*+47575150
T69Effingham, Ill. +8F+27773150
T69Viet Nam +8F+17872150
T69Burbank, Calif. +8FE7971150
T69Canada +8F+67377150
T69Canada +8F*+37674150
T69Allen, Texas +8F*+47575150
T69Flossmoor, Ill. +8F+17872150
T69Arcadia, Calif. +8F+27773150
T80Raleigh, N.C. +9F*+47675151
T80England +9F*+37774151
T80Maitland, Fla. +9F+37774151
T80Shrewsbury, Mass. +9F+47675151
T80Houston, Texas +9F+47675151
T80West New York, N.J. +9F+57576151
T80Mexico +9F*+57576151
T80Howey In The Hills, Fla. +9F*+57576151
T80Athens, Ga. +9F+27873151
T80Philippines +9F+37774151
T80Birmingham, Ala. +9F+17972151
T91Edgerton, Wis. +10F*+47775152
T91Folsom, Calif. +10F*+47775152
T91Schaumburg, Ill. +10F*+87379152
T91Manlius, N.Y. +10F*+77478152
T91Livingston, N.J. +10F+87379152
T91Windermere, Fla. +10F+57676152
T91Floyd, Va. +10F+67577152
T98Henderson, Nev. +11F*+77578153
T98Canada +11F+57776153
T98Canada +11F+47875153
T98Garland, Texas +11F+67677153
T98Virginia Beach, Va. +11F*+37974153
T103Canada +12F*+57876154
T103Hebron, Ky. +12F*+87579154
T103Ware Shoals, S.C. +12F*+47975154
T103Austria +12F+67777154
T103Oakland Park, Fla. +12F*+87579154
T103San Diego, Calif. +12F*+57876154
T103Lakeland, Fla. +12F*+18272154
T110Dellwood, Minn. +13F*+117382155
T110Korea +13F*+57976155
T110Fresno, Calif. +13F+77778155
T110Colombia +13F+107481155
T110Denver, Colo. +13F*+57976155
T110Fair Oaks, Calif. +13F*+57976155
T110Crystal Lakes, Pa. +13F*+67877155
T110Tinton Falls, N.J. +13F*+67877155
T110Canada +13F+67877155
T119Austin, Texas +14F*+67977156
T119University Place, Wash. +14F*+107581156
T119Katy, Texas +14F+87779156
T119Lancaster, Ohio +14F*+87779156
T119Noblesville, Ind. +14F+87779156
T119Cary, N.C. +14F+77878156
T125New Prague, Minn. +15F*+77978157
T125Saratoga, Calif. +15F+77978157
T125Athens, Ga. +15F+77978157
T125Gilbert, Ariz. +15F+87879157
T125Castro Valley, Calif. +15F*+87879157
T125Providence, R.I. +15F+48275157
T131Charlotte, N.C. +16F*+117682158
T131Valrico, Fla. +16F+107781158
T131Colombia +16F+87979158
134Columbus, Ohio +17F+68277159
T135Kenosha, Wis. +18F*+107981160
T135Gig Harbor, Wash. +18F+117882160
T135Del Mar, Calif. +18F*+107981160
T135Overland Park, Kan. +18F*+127783160
T139Boca Raton, Fla. +19F*+88279161
T139Bluffton, S.C. +19F+88279161
T139Sri Lanka +19F+88279161
T139Cypress, Calif. +19F+127883161
143Mill Creek, Wash. +20F+88379162
T144Frisco, Texas +21F*+128083163
T144Ft Worth, Texas +21F+108281163
T144South Portland, Maine +21F+157786163
T144Hereford, Texas +21F*+118182163
148Colorado Springs, Colo. +22F+108381164
T149Littleton, Colo. +23F*+148085165
T149Naperville, Ill. +23F+98580165
T149Belmar, N.J. +23F*+108481165
152Sugar Land, Texas +25F+118582167
T153Herndon, Va. +26F*+178088168
T153Haverford, Pa. +26F*+178088168
155Valencia, Calif. +28F*+138684170
WDFresno, Calif. ---85-85

Partner Links
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The USGA and Chevron have committed to using the game of golf to encourage students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. This commitment has led to the creation of extensive golf-focused STEM teaching tools, and has resulted in charitable contributions to support golf-related programs through Eagles for Education™

At U.S. Open Championships the Chevron STEM ZONE™ is an interactive experience highlighting the science and math behind the game of golf through a variety of hands-on exhibits and experiments.

The partnership has also produced educational materials such as the Science of Golf video series and a nationally-distributed newspaper insert which are provided to teachers as tools to enhance existing curriculum in schools. These lessons teach the science behind the USGA’s equipment testing, handicapping, and agronomy efforts.

For more interactive experiences featuring golf-focused STEM lessons, visit the partnership homepage.

Chevron image

Rolex has been a longtime supporter of the USGA and salutes the sportsmanship and great traditions unique to the game. This support includes the Rules of Golf where Rolex has partnered with the USGA to ensure golfers understand and appreciate the game.

As the official timekeeper of the USGA and its championships, they also provide clocks throughout host sites for spectator convenience.

For more information on Rolex and their celebration of the game, visit the Rolex and Golf homepage.

Rolex image

IBM has partnered with the USGA to bring the same technology, expertise, and innovation it provides to businesses all over the world to the USGA and golf's national championship.

IBM provides the information technology to develop and host the U.S. Open’s official website, www.usopen.com, as well as the mobile apps and scoring systems for the three U.S. Open championships. These real-time technology solutions provide an enhanced experience for fans following the championship onsite and online.

For more information on IBM and the technology that powers the U.S. Open and businesses worldwide, visit http://www.usopen.com/IBM

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Lexus is committed to partnering with the USGA to deliver a best-in-class experience for the world’s best golfers by providing a fleet of courtesy luxury vehicles for all USGA Championships.

At each U.S. Open, Women’s Open and Senior Open, Lexus provides spectators with access to unique experiences ranging from the opportunity to have a picture taken with both the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open trophies to autograph signings with legendary Lexus Golf Ambassadors in the Lexus Performance Drive Pavilion.

For more information on Lexus, visit http://www.lexus.com/

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American Express

Together, American Express and the USGA have been providing world-class service to golf fans since 2006. By creating interactive U.S. Open experiences both onsite and online, American Express enhances the USGA’s effort to make the game more accessible and enjoyable for fans.

For more information on American Express visit www.americanexpress.com/entertainment

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